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==> Roxy & Dirk: Til death do you part.



He stands on the beach.

The night is old, old enough that His borrowed body is telling him that the time has long since come for it to be in bed and resting. He, however, does not want to rest. He has been fooled, tricked, made to seem an idiot by the Witch and her surprise tactics. How like the Knight to flee at his final end. No matter, He reasons; the Sylph had been found and executed, the blasted Heir wounded in the process.

It was only a matter of time before the Seer was brought down, and then the Knight would roar out to fight and nothing would save him from Him.

The swells wash around His feet as the sun peeks over the horizon. Yes, He’s satisfied with the Handmaid—after some enforcement she’d proven more than loyal. He should have taken a Space player much sooner, but He privately knew that His sister had always kept Him from the idea. But then He’d killed the bitch, so why not take her powers for Himself?

He ponders her for a moment, and in so doing feels little tugs and echos in the organic mind of the Host body. Without the soul it was really just so much storage space, He’d realized; names, dates, memories, all of it was accessible much like a computer to Him. Calli—no—had spoken with humans at length, but she’d always seemed to like one in particular. So had the Host, it seemed. The memory was easy to recall, and He chuckled as he turned the sands of time and reality.

Finding her would be annoying, at least at first. Void players, fucking VOID players. He had to make it a point to snuff them out as soon as possible.

To His delight, however, He stumbles over it. Some sort of human slaughterhouse, He assumes, a place where they’re kept like cattle to be killed as efficiently as possible. He makes a mental note to use a similar design in His next big game as He ascends to the appropriate level. She’s there, He can tell by the lack within the room even as noises come from within; dull voices through the door, for the most part.

How should He take them? Slowly? Quickly? No, He’d tried slowly on the Knight and it had gone poorly. Surprise, then. A moment to process what they see, and then He will take them. Inspire fear, as is right, then feed on it.

He lifts his hand and knocks sharply two times, unable to keep himself from grinning.

Your heart catches in your throat when the sound of knuckles against wood rings through the apartment. You hadn’t asked anyone to come over, and you weren’t used to getting guests. There was only one idea in your mind telling you who was going to be on the other side of that door. “I love you,” you say, squeezing his fingers once before you draw Ahab’s Crosshairs from your strifedeck. You had been given the gun as a gift, to keep you alive in Sburb, and now it might keep you alive today. At least, you hoped so. You aim for the entrance as you ready yourself, not answering the door. It’s locked, but you assume he’ll come through anyways. You highly doubted a door was going to stop this guy.

You don’t want to say anything else in the moment. Even having said I love you felt like it was too loud. You knew you could turn invisible, act like you weren’t there, but your presence was a distinctive one. The general empty feeling your presence left couldn’t be helped. You couldn’t make the void’s touch go away. If you could, you would do so in a heartbeat.

The knocks are too resounding in the too quiet.

You whisper it back, “I love you”, wish you could say more, wish there was time to say more. You wish a lot of things that you know are unattainable because it’s too little, too late.

Too much nothing.

The auto-responder clouds your vision with red text saying whoever is at the door better be the takeout he ordered or the visitor will be the Christmas miracle dinner instead. Shoved between his lengthy metaphors and lengthier algorithms, you catch bits of things mentioning how calculations drop lower and lower in time.

There is a drop in percentages where the knocking at door is involved.

You extract your sword from your sylladex and slide a little closer to Roxy and fix your stare on the door, eyebrows furrowed.

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==> Roxy & Dirk: Til death do you part.


{ You hadn’t been able to keep from touching Dirk. You’re holding his hand, sitting on the couch. The two of you had been discussing where you were going to go, what you were going to do. Were you going to run away to a hotel? Would that even work? Nothing kept coming to mind, and you didn’t have enough of a head start to really get a plan going. You squeeze his fingertips, trying to make him calm down. AR had predicted the worst, and, if you believed anyone, you believed him. The end might be coming, and you almost wanted to just lay back down in bed - make last night when you were doing nothing but watching him breathing be the last moment in your world. Not this panicked fray of action, where the both of you kept getting up to do things, and pacing, only to realize there was nothing you could do.

It seemed like you were going to be trapped either way. At least you were at home.

You’d had another surprise to tell people when the chance came up. Your last date with Dirk, you’d spoken to him. You’d told him loved him. You had talked again, and now it felt like you’d wasted your time. You could have had so much more to say, but you might never get the chance now. What if you died and they still thought you were a mute, who was too scared to scream for help when she needed it? You were still too scared to scream for help though, weren’t you? You didn’t want to risk anybody else. Your most important person was already risking his all.

itll be okay dirk we just need to think of a better plan than ‘hotel’. i was thinking maybe we could hide in the void but i mean we gotta collect food and water if were going there. you cant just dream it up. maybe lets just do that and we can come through to grocery stores if we need to? The plan sounds dumb and risky even to you. You knew what kind of dangers lurked in the Void, and you knew the two of you would be sitting targets there. You could probably do it alone, but you had already insisted that you weren’t going to part from him. Til death do you part, that was the mantra you’d sworn to the day he offered you that ring on the beach. Even if that ring hung around your neck, even if it didn’t mean the same anymore, you had made a promise you intended to keep. i dont know if you want to accept but we do have the gamzee option still but i dont know i dont want to involve a stranger.

Each touch of his skin against yours right now feels like lightening, hot in your veins. It might be the last thing you remember - holding his hands. Or would you remember anything at all? Would you die and cease to be or would you get a ghost? Did it even matter? Could you even die?

The fact that you didn’t know just made this so much more frightening. You didn’t know if you could die. You’d die for Dirk. Was that heroic enough to count? You’d more than die for him if you were given the chance. Your free hand moves to your necklace, grasps the ring there as you look down. its times like this that make me think of the beach. Times like impending doom that make you wish your last-nights-on-earth presburb could have really been the end. Times when you wished you could have died so madly in love that you couldn’t stop smiling. Now you were so in love you couldn’t stop frowning. What a great person the world might lose, your Dirk. What a great person who deserved more love than he was getting, who deserved a better fate than he had. }

{ It feels heavy.

Your heart, your head, your everything. You feel heavy. Wasn’t the game enough of an experience to fill the death quota? Shouldn’t you be cut a break, a fucking conclusion to all of this? Your emotions say yes, logic and reality say no. Emotions are sons of bitches anyway. Always have been. 

Roxy is at your side through some of the day, most of the morning. After she kissed you awake and told you the gist, you hadn’t gone far from her since. If this shit had to happen, you would be with her when it hit the fan. Always and forever, til death do you part. She’s your world, and should she be gone, so would you. It’s plain and simple. You wish you could have protected her, you wish you could have kept her from all of this. 

You’ve exhausted every possible escape, both you and the AR have talked extensively and nonstop. It said there was zero chance of survival. You said it was impossible, there was always a loophole. This time, there was none. Numbers aren’t liars, numbers don’t make mistakes. Only humans do. Human error. You made the AR flawlessly, sentience notwithstanding; when it came to percentages, he wouldn’t make a mistake.

"We’d get cut off if we tried to get to the Void now. We’ve waited too long." You crack your knuckles when you release your hands briefly, face straight and fingers tingling from holding onto hers. "What about Umbra and Umbrage’s place, we could make it there. Transportalize right over."

If Roxy dies, you’ll follow after. You know. You’d do something that qualifies as heroic. She would do the same, there’s no chance that she wouldn’t. The only way you’re getting out of this is if she does, and the only way she’s getting out is if you do.

If one goes, so does the other.

Shake your head at the Gamzee option immediately. “No. No strangers. We can’t involve anyone else, it’s dangerous enough for Dave already.” You have to keep him alive. If anyone other than Roxy, it would be him.

When she mentions the beach, you pause and rest your head against hers, cheek pressed into blonde hair. That had been a good night. One of the many you spent with her, but the best night out of all of them. Everything had gone downhill from there. You just can’t take two breaths, can you? You laugh, airily and empty, and exhale in a long sigh, clenched tight in your chest. “The beach was nice. Flawless, in fact. I’d do it again in a fucking heartbeat.” Do it again — have that night again, have that time again, the pause and the feeling of everything being frozen just for you two.

In your own center of your universe. }

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okay dont be a shit either

we have more than a zero chance ok

Words lie, Rox. People lie.

Numbers don’t.

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no dont say that

I didn’t say a word. It was typed.

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like how not in our favor are we talking

Like zero in our favor.

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are u teasing me?

not funny dude 

this is serious

I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just as serious as the shit hitting the fan.

The numbers ain’t really in our favor. 

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dont tell me even ur worried

its gonna be okay 

I’m not worried.

My circuits took a shortcut through those five stages of loss/grief and jumped right the fuck over to acceptance. 

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Dirk’s pacing out a great rhythm for a rap.

Not that I’m indulging in shit like that at a shit time like this.

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